i was looking for free furniture but maybe thats not what i was meant to find

i want tattoos soooo badly i want like a big one (probably a stag surrounded in roses in water color style on my left shoulder) and some smaller ones (probably more roses.  probably in water color style again.  maybe a jellyfish)

i love tattoos sooo much

i think i’m becoming paranoid or something i keep seeing shit that’s not there in the corner of my eyes i keep hearing weird noises that i’m pretty sure aren’t there like i just heard a fucking squeaky noise that sounded like a dolphin


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Artist : 宇多田寝子

whooooooooooa someone i know knows mogeko stuff





why is the milk yellow thats nasty

reese milk is always nasty

noooo milk is good but not when it looks like that wtf

maybe it’s vanilla milk. Dos that exist

vanilla milk does exist and it’s p good

i saw a dude with a ‘cool story babe now make me a sandwich’ shirt on and i weeped on the inside