Mogeko made a self-described “weird thing” for Ice Scream (the thing with the arctic creatures which was going to be another manga, but now who knows really). I translated it. They might add more places to it later.

shirogane and yukisada are so cute i’m gonna cry

t he teeny ice scream game [rips off shirt and cries] it’s so cute everyone is so c u t e


We got a cute,small interactive game!

I don’t normally comment on this kind of thing here on my development blog, but it’s a close issue to me because soon I will be making my first professional game public and trying to make it with game development as a livelihood.
I wanted to reblog this but I don’t want the base post to keep getting more notes so I screencapped it instead. The link in above passage is located here. Please do not let Scott Cawthon become villainized by tumblr because of one person’s misinformation. Please read the linked message.
If you see anyone you know going along and actually believing this BS please take the time of day to correct them. Today someone’s promising career of professional artwork was unjustly attacked, both financially and even worse ethically. Please do not give permanence to this wide-scale hate campaign of a great developer for literally no reason, and please remember this site is a public forum where anything can blow up, and you should be careful when you say things that you did not personally research the veracity of.
Sorry this is part of your experience with tumblr so far Scott Cawthon. I swear there are rad people here.

yea idk if i told u guys but i’m actually an angel.

man i’d buy this right now if i had the money

another day another selfie